Welcome to Adventureland Early Learning Center
where your child’s learning adventure begins…

We are a top Licensed Preschool and Daycare in Denton, TX. We prepare your child for Kindergarten. You trust us with your child’s foundational development – that trust is NOT something we take lightly. Our passionate-about-education staff provides a safe, clean, fun, and stimulating learning environment with well-balanced meals in a warm, trusting, family-like setting. We guarantee you will be amazed as you see your child thrive, grow, and develop.

Why Adventureland Early Learning Center

Medical research validates a child’s foundational development takes place from birth to 5 years of age. Choosing a preschool & daycare is one of the very critical decisions you will make on behalf of your child. We acknowledge you have many choices with preschools; some competing on price and others making varying claims. As a Parent, this can get very confusing! Listen to what our parents say about Adventureland – it will authentically show you why Adventureland is a top preschool in Denton TX and why we are a childcare leader in our own right.


Our Teachers

The Adventureland Teachers make THE difference. While they are carefully selected, certified and highly trained, their ATTITUDE makes all the difference. They are handpicked for their passion, exceptional performance, and love they have for a child’s development. Children are greeted with hugs daily and get loads of personal attention, and also help with potty training. They make learning stimulating and fun; your child will fall in love with the adventure of learning and Kindergarten!

Learning Environment

At Adventureland, we are committed to fostering your child’s emotional, intellectual, and social quotient. We do this with Learning through Play that makes learning an adventure & fun! Our Curriculum incorporates Spanish, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art (music, art, dance), Math (STEAM), and use celebration of special days and holidays as learning tools.

Adventureland serves your child a nutritious breakfast, lunch, and a snack – at no extra cost to you. Food is fresh, homemade, cooked daily; full of whole grains, vegetables, protein, and fresh fruit; your child will get the optimum daily nutritional value. We are proud to serve such exceptional, healthy, and delicious food. Our menu is monitored and approved by the USDA & TXDA for nutritional value to children. We don’t just care for and teach children but care for their health too. Food preparation is supervised & served by certified food managers and food handlers. Our Teachers teach the children, to eat and drink correctly in a social setting, along with other children.

Exceptional care and education are a partnership: between parents, teachers, the children, and the community. Adventureland partners with the Foster Grandparents Program of Texas, a State-sponsored program – where we invite qualified grandparents from the Denton community to be involved in mentoring and nurturing our children as any grandparents would. They tell stories, sing with the children, eat with them, love and hug them, and support them in their academic and overall development, including character building. We become a true extension and partner of your family in raising your child! We actively request feedback from parents with periodic surveys, and parent-teacher conferences and regular progress reports. Parents tell us often that the quality of the relationships they have at our school is what makes the difference.

Stay in touch on your phone with your child’s day-to-day happenings, get real-time updates and fun pictures of your child’s day at preschool, such as a cute picture of artwork they’ve only just completed, or sets of color they have identified for the first time – all with our Parents App.! We keep you updated on your child’s progress and make sure you understand the assessment process. And yes, you can pay the fees, check-in & out your child through the App as well.

Adventureland has a very advanced security management technology program. Parents use unique Personal Identification Numbers to check their children in and out, ensuring each child’s safety. Our outdoor playgrounds are completely surrounded by a six-foot-high chainlink fence, ensuring safety and providing an opportunity for the children to observe the natural world around them.

What we stand for

Fundamental to our Programs is the belief that children are unique individuals who have tremendous potential waiting to be discovered and unleashed. They need to discover the joy of learning, be respected and cared for in a safe, nurturing environment.

  • Social Skills & Responsible Independence
  • Invigorating Outdoor Play
  • Delicious Nutritional Meals
  • Structure and Routine
  • Stimulating and Safe Environment

We recognize you are entrusting your child’s foundational development to us and we hold ourselves accountable for it. We don’t teach; we help your child learn – and we ensure your child’s learning adventure starts well! We maximize their learning through meaningful play. All that we do at Adventureland is built around the strong belief that the childhood of a little one is precious; We know you want the best for your child. So do we.

Incredible learning with vital mental and cognitive developments occur in a child, between ages 0-5 years. Parents and caregivers are the driving force in developing emotional connections, intellect, language skills, and other basic abilities – all key factors in a child’s brain growth. Thus, a child’s future cognitive, behavioral, and social/emotional health begins with quality care.

Our vision is to provide exceptional preschool education in Denton, TX through extraordinary teachers and unbeatable customer service to our parents; to be a loving second family to our little students. We focus on being present and grounded every day, to love each and every one of our students and know their families on a first-name basis. This is not a job for us, it is our vision. Our passion. Our calling.

Our mission is to stimulate a child to fall in love with and have fun learning. This will enable them to reach their highest potential and set them up for continued future success. We prep them for Kindergarten with extraordinary preschool education including self-esteem, social skills, respect, courtesy, & love for one another, and the confidence to thrive. A happy, joyful, passionate, and dedicated workplace is one of the secrets to our success. We enable our mission through our incredible teachers – we inspire, support, and ensure they have all the tools, training, and character needed to create a stimulating, fun learning environment to educate the children.

What The Parents Say

Our Programs


Your growing baby is doing more and more on their own now: learning to sit, eat at a regular table, nap on mats, and play more freely with others.


The age when your little one starts to surprise you with all of their knowledge and inquisitiveness. They might have even try to "help" you with common household chores! What an exciting age!


Refining and adding to their skills and knowledge of not just Language, Math, Science, Arts & Movement, but also building their Emotional Intelligence to give your child a head start in Kindergarten.