Your baby is doing more and more on their own now. Your child now begins to verbalize their needs, test boundaries with you, us, and their classmates; eat at a regular table, nap on mats, and play more freely with others. Children develop a passionate love for learning while they play, have fun, and grow. Our curriculum, based on Learning through Play, is designed to complement the teachers’ knowledge of early childhood development and a Toddler’s love for play. Along with the introduction to Language, Arts, concepts of Math and Science, your child will learn to identify, make choices & self regulate their emotions in a healthy, engaging way. Your child will enjoy a positive educational experience, and gain confidence while feeling safe and supported. And, we will keep you up-to-date through our convenient parent app, so you don’t miss a beat.



The curriculum follows weekly themes and a daily activity format that matches the ever-changing needs of each rapidly developing child. Activities aligned with the age-specific themes, including communicating with sign language, ensure learning objectives for each child are met.

Daily Schedule includes

  • Hands on Learning through Play
  • Outdoor Play
  • Circle Time
  • Sign Language
  • Communication & Literacy
  • Centers and Art
  • Music and Movement
  • Story Time
  • Math & Science
  • Character and Ethics
  • Social Development

Start the process, in your child, of laying a strong foundation for school.



By learning through play, your child will explore hands-on activities that encourage their early learning. Storytelling and listening, along with respect for books, help children develop pre-reading skills. Our expert teachers lovingly guide them towards more structured activities that require more hand-eye coordination and planning, at a pace that is comfortable for them.



At this age, messy, hands-on painting and art projects allow children to learn through using their senses while providing a much-needed creative outlet for their curious minds. Creative arts allow children to increase muscle control and build self-esteem while exploring their own individual creativity. Dramatic play allows young children to develop socially and emotionally, learning to function in a group, take turns, and play. Your child develops self-esteem while growing socially, emotionally, and physically.



In a playful safe environment, your child will learn to do more on their own as we gently guide them towards independence & responsibility. Structured play and hands-on learning will give your child the freedom to become independent thinkers. Children get started, used to, and transition confidently to use a potty. They learn classroom responsibility through age-appropriate classroom jobs, like helping clean up after playing, washing their hands independently, learning to get dressed. With lots of patience and encouragement, your child is given daily tools to deal with the challenging transition to independence.



The math/manipulative area focuses on building fine motor control, spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills. Math focuses on building math vocabulary, the Blocks further math concepts of spatial awareness and proportion, along with allowing children to build fine motor control. Math and science’s basis is observation, quantification, and qualification. We start these skills early, as your child starts to understand shapes, colors, textures, numbers, weight, size, and more.



Pre-handwriting skills to develop fine motor skills, students are given daily opportunities to build a strong pincer grasp, the small muscles that allow them to write in the future. The value of books and reading to build their vocabulary, increase their literacy skills and expose them to new ideas, children play with sounds and words which help them to develop a meaningful understanding of how words are used and shared. Through storytelling, by mimicking, and with plenty of chatter, their language skills continue to develop.



Your child is beginning to discover, develop self-control, and learn to manage their intense emotions. We assist in teaching them to self-regulate because their future success in life relies on socio-emotional development and these regulation skills. We work with your child daily, encouraging positive interactions and polite manners in an atmosphere of respect and kindness. Expect a positive and lasting impact on your child’s emotional and social development.



Playing with friends in our big beautiful playground will be a daily delight for your child while building great social skills. To promote gross motor skills, children are provided with an environment where they can develop muscle control, balance, and coordination. Our playgrounds provide the opportunity to use large motor skills through climbing, running, and biking



Our exemplary meal plan is USDA & TXDA approved, and we are happy to work with you for any dietary restrictions. Good eating habits start young and we offer warm, home-cooked meals, packed with proper balanced nutrition. All our children will get balanced, nutritious meals, that are so tasty! Food is supervised, prepared & served by Certified Food Managers and Food Handlers. Our Teachers teach the children, to eat and drink correctly in a social setting, along with other children.



We select our teachers for their experience, competency, passion, patience, and personality – and they all undergo continuous additional specialized training. Our teaching team boasts a genuine love for education and enable your child to discover a love for learning. They get excited about each child’s triumphs and act as coaches in challenging moments offering loving support, cuddles, and plenty of hugs along the way. All this plays a vital role in making your child feel secure, supported, and loved, apart from the positive effect on your child’s overall health, self-esteem, and personal development.



Through our App, you’ll get real-time updates and fun pictures of your child’s day-to-day, such as a cute picture of artwork they’ve only just completed! Family events, parent volunteers, and open frequent communication help our preschool parents feel connected and involved. Parents celebrate special days with their children in the classroom environment like Grandparents Day, Fall Festival… Parents tell us often that the quality of the relationships they have at our school is what makes the difference.



We maintain the optimum child to teacher ratio to give your child this personal attention every day. Your child will develop all-important socio-emotional skills and self-help skills at this age. We do this with personal attention, making the time for crucial teachable moments, and building on what they have learned and already understand.