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You want your children to learn, how to eat healthy, learn new things, and to be treated as you as a loving parent treats your children? Then come to Adventureland in Denton. This team is dedicated to just that. No matter the task or how behind you may believe your child(ren) is. This is what they do, in providing structure and working right along with you in any area you feel needs attention with your child(ren). Come and check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value
My son has been attending this daycare for 9 months and we love them! The staff is great with the kids and parents and very responsive anytime I have a question. My son has learned and grown so much during his time here and I look forward to seeing that continue as he gets older. Highly recommend!

My kids have been going here since my youngest was 6 months old. The staffing has had some changes but they’ve also had long-term teachers.The director has always been great to deal with…they recently got a new director and the Mr. and Mrs. are fantastic. The Mrs. is a little soft spoken but they always greet me and Zoey when we arrive and tell us bye when we are leaving…if Zoey wasn’t starting kindergarten, I would definitely stay here to see what these new directors do with the place. Would definitely recommend the daycare!!

My daughters have attended Adventureland for the last 2 years. The staff has always been great with my kids. The open environment allows for more eyes on all kids and that’s always helpful. The owners are good with communication through the app and are on site daily to help run things. Bottom line, the staff is good, the facilities are kept clean, they have fun activities for the kids, and my kid doesn’t cry when I drop her off, ever. I’ve been happy with them and would definitely recommend them.

My daughter Chandler has been going here since she was 2. She is now 4. She loves it here and has soooo many friends she looks forward to seeing every day. The owners are really sweet and I spend about 10 minutes talking with them and the teachers almost every day. They have really upped their game in teaching. Now they are starting to teach Spanish and writing. Chandler has always been ahead on her speech, but now it has exceeded our expectations. This is a great daycare and Chandler will be here until time to start Kinder next year.

The staff are wonderful, kind, and personal, and facilities are clean and organized. I love that this place has a set schedule and curriculum, even for the babies. They communicate through an app, so I get updated about all the fun things my daughter is doing that day. I even get pictures of her playing and notifications about what she eats. Every day when I drop her off she gets so excited, and when I pick her up she’s always happy. Our daughter has only been going here for a few weeks, but we are in love with every aspect of this daycare. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for caring and safe environment, where their children can learn and have fun all at the same time!

We switched daycares due to other issues at our previous daycare. We absolutely love this daycare!! Our toddler runs in with joy each morning we drop her off and we can tell she has developed so much quicker. We appreciate all the staff here.

I have two daughters that go here and they both love it. They’re constantly learning something new. The teachers are nice and they enjoy seeing their friends every day.

We have been bringing our son to this location for almost 2 years. He loves the teachers. He has been learning so much thanks to the new staff. I would recommend to anyone..

Adventureland is a quality care facility with dedicated teachers and staff. They make a well-rounded learning and socially driven curriculum that helps children develop effectively and efficiently.

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