The age when your little one starts to surprise you with all of their knowledge and inquisitiveness. They might even try to ”help” you with common household chores! What an exciting age! Learning at this stage moves forward in complexity, but our highly trained, certified, and experienced teachers, make that part an exciting adventure for your child! You will be amazed as you watch your child’s mind expand and their growing thirst for learning. It is the age where education meets exploration and education is about discovery, exploration, and creative variety. You will notice enhanced vocabulary and communication. This is also the age when your child will leap to potty use.


The Curriculum is a good balance of structured learning and creative play

Daily Schedule includes

  • Hands on Learning through Play
  • Outdoor Play
  • Circle Time
  • Sign Language
  • Communication & Literacy – language, commands, vocabulary and writing skills – all this with engaging activities
  • Centers and Art – creating much more structure with centers for interactive educational play.
  • Music and Movement
  • Story Time
  • Math & Science – Exciting curiosities about the human body, animals, weather patterns and space
  • Character and Ethics
  • Social Development

Education is a High Priority. Our goal is to integrate knowledge across subject areas, fully engaging your child and drawing them into the adventure of learning.



Our carefully designed activities focus on teaching more advanced practical life activities while enhancing social skills. Cleaning up, putting materials away, walking in a line, and tucking chairs in, … teaches respect for the classroom environment. This shared space provides an introduction to the importance of organization and cleanliness. Attending circle time, reading stories, writing and learning their letters and numbers, singing songs, and socializing with their friends are some of the fun activities your child will enjoy throughout the day.



Creativity blossoms with our Preschoolers. The art, dramatic play, dance, and music areas while being extremely popular nurture their creativity. Children are frequently practicing skills, trying new things, and using their imagination to understand the world around them and interact with their peers.



A more structured daily routine with self-care skills, helps your child learn problem-solving and conflict resolution skills while becoming physically independent. Our Teachers show them how to follow basic self-care routines like

  • when & how of hand washing
  • preparing themselves for a nap, on their own
  • putting on shoes correctly
  • brush teeth and hair
  • dress themselves

…core skills to feeling all grown up. Interactions between the children allow more independence while still providing security and support from caregivers close at hand.



Activities such as “Words of the Week” help develop your child’s vocabulary & language usage – improving their reading and conversation. With visual learning and encouraged by the Teachers the children share in discussions, building language, and vocabulary with critical thinking.



Training preschoolers with the concept of shaking hands, saying please and thank you, how to gracefully interject an adult conversation or how to cough and sneeze discreetly is a fun component for all. The classroom centers and activities are designed for small groups of children to interact with each other and to allow them to refine their social skills.

Social skills development


We teach an emotional vocabulary that lets them express themselves, resolve conflict, training them to get along well with others. Role-play, circle time among other approaches are used to introduce self-respect and respect towards others regardless of differences in nationality, religious belief, or cultural norms. Creating an environment that supports autonomy and freedom, develops a positive sense of self-confidence and self-awareness. Interactions between the children allow more independence while still providing security and support from caregivers close at hand.



Our Playgrounds are specifically developed to promote and support gross motor skills development and muscle strength. Outdoor play (weather permitting) is an integral part of our curriculum. Enables the children to learn to play socially, cooperatively, and communicate.



Good eating habits start young. We offer warm, home-cooked meals, packed with proper nutrition. Our exemplary meal plan is USDA & TXDA approved, and we are happy to work with you for any dietary restrictions. Rest assured your little one will get balanced, nutritious meals, low in sugar and fat, that are so tasty! Food is supervised prepared & served by Certified Food Managers and Food Handlers. Our Teachers teach the children, to eat and drink correctly in a social setting, along with other children. All Nutritional Meals Are Provided At No Cost.



Our certified, experienced, well-trained teachers make our Preschool program a cut above the rest. Children learn through repetition; teachers provide activities that allow children to practice and master our curriculum goals. Every day, teachers open new worlds of discovery for your child in a safe, nurturing and creative environment. Positivity, patience and praise are core values of our preschool classrooms. Creating a warm and safe space, teachers nurture the awesome individuality of our Preschoolers. Above all else, we offer a loving staff with a lot of hugs, and new friends for your child to explore and have fun with.



Through our App, you’ll get real-time updates and fun pictures of your child’s day-to-day, such as a cute picture of artwork they’ve only just completed! Family events, parent volunteers, and open frequent communication help our preschool parents feel connected and involved. Parents celebrate special days with their children in the classroom environment like Grandparents Day, Fall Festival… Parents tell us often that the quality of the relationships they have at our school is what makes the difference.



Our teachers understand how to create a balanced environment that supports growth and development in social and emotional areas. We encourage building a trusting and communicative relationship with teacher and peers. We maintain optimum ratios for more individualized attention. Our warm, friendly environment is full of love and hugs for your child. You will see how our positive environments allow your child to show pride and confidence in their work that will overflow into their daily lives.