The best method to truly learn and love learning is to experiment and ignite the senses! We encourage students to learn to ask questions, express themselves, collaborate with others, and take creative risks. We encourage them to retain their natural curiosity; to never lose the excitement of learning something new – all achieved by making learning fun. Building structure & routine, adding to and refining their skills and knowledge of Language, Math, Science, Art, and Movement gives your child a head-start in Kindergarten. Communication and social skills builds self-esteem and independence thus growing more competent and confident



The Curriculum has monthly themes that cover geography, history, social skills, community, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) that deepen your child’s understanding of academic skills and concepts.
Focuses on developing skills, academic & social, to thrive in Kindergarten and as a lifelong learner. We want to see every child succeed to their fullest potential and every unit of study has been developed with this goal in mind.

Daily Schedule includes

  • Hands on Learning through Play
  • Outdoor Play
  • Circle Time
  • Sign Language
  • Communication & Literacy – language, incl. Spanish, vocabulary and writing skills – all this with engaging activities
  • Centers and Art – creating much more structure with centers for interactive educational play
  • Music and Movement
  • Story Time
  • Math & Science – Exciting curiosities to develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Character and Ethics – learn self correction, self direction, self confidence, self reflection and responsibility
  • Social Development

Focuses on developing skills, academic & social, to thrive in elementary school and as a lifelong learner. We want to see every child succeed to their fullest potential and every unit of study was developed with this goal in mind.



Encouraging the expression of imagination and creativity through the arts is fundamental in our Pre-K classroom. Art projects using fingers brushes to everyday objects – your child will bring home some incredible masterpieces!
This also develops very good fine motor control



Activities to increase your child’s vocabulary & language usage both in English and Spanish. Playing with words and language has a great effect on improving their reading and conversation. Children learn to write legibly. Children are encouraged to sign their names on their art projects. Encouraged by the teachers the children share in discussions, building language, and vocabulary with critical thinking.

Music Time


Music is an incredible stimulator. It’s an even more powerful stimulant for our Pre-K children. As their minds form and make connections, we use music, songs, rhymes, poetry, rhythm, and dance to engage them in new and inspiring ways. Also develops gross motor skills and builds muscle strength and coordination – which in turn builds confidence and trust in their bodies.



Kindergarten readiness is rooted in strong self-esteem and independence.
It’s the simple things – like taking turns in cooperative play- that allows your little one to feel happy, independent, and secure. Each success your child has will build self-esteem and encourage them to reach higher! Our teachers train your child to understand the dynamics of socially acceptable behaviors, thus enabling them to build lasting relationships. Pre-K teaches your child to be more independent and to respect their differences with each other.

pre-k-outdoor play


Our Playgrounds are specifically developed to promote and support gross motor skills development and muscle strength. Outdoor play (weather permitting) is an integral part of our curriculum. Enables the children to learn to play socially, in turn cooperatively and communicate.



Kids feel safe & secure with a familiar routine, follow more structured rules, and enjoy their predictable Pre-K schedule. Yet they absolutely delight in the fun surprises. Your little one is now using independent learning and thinking and making choices! We encourage them to apply all the skills they are learning with thoughtful challenges and fun activities throughout the day. Your child will know exactly what to expect in Kindergarten and will be sure to shine.



The spark of a competent and passionate teacher is a key driver in our students’ success. We hire teachers who are subject matter experts – not only in their chosen field but also in the age range they teach. This makes them effective and their passion and enthusiasm, infectious to the children.
Our teachers see their role as coaches to the Pre-K children – building confidence, helping them understand their own uniqueness, and happily explore.



Through our App, you’ll get real-time updates and fun pictures of your child’s day-to-day, such as a cute picture of artwork they’ve only just completed! Family events, parent volunteers, and open frequent communication help our preschool parents feel connected and involved. Parents celebrate special days with their children in the classroom environment like Grandparents Day, Fall Festival… Parents tell us often that the quality of the relationships they have at our school is what makes the difference.



The thrill of true learning results in joy, that fuels curiosity, passion, collaboration, connection, effort, fun, and pride. Your child will learn in an environment driven by imagination and potential. We endeavor to build a class culture that transfers that passion, attention, and enthusiasm to the children every day.



Good eating habits start young. We offer warm, home-cooked meals, packed with proper nutrition. Our exemplary meal plan is USDA & TXDA approved, and we are happy to work with you for any dietary restrictions. Rest assured your little one will get balanced, nutritious meals, low in sugar and fat, that are so tasty! Food is supervised prepared & served by Certified Food Managers and Food Handlers. Our Teachers teach the children, to eat and drink correctly in a social setting, along with other children. All Nutritional Meals Are Provided At No Cost.